Principal's Message

Our Junior School Captains Stella Horspole and Finn Tolland, and Senior School Captains Olivia Henzen and Annabel Lucas, have capably led their first campus assemblies. Our wider student leadership team is busy planning for upcoming swimming carnivals, lunchtime activities and school events.


Four new staff members have joined the Camperdown College staff team, bringing valuable skills and experiences: Marie Mutton (Maths/Science), Erin Bell (Year 1/2B), Maddison Tegelhuter (Year 3/4T) and Gabrielle Bellman (Library). At the Junior Campus, Graeme Bennett is acting in the Assistant Principal role this term while retaining his Performing Arts role. 


Laying the foundations for a successful year, our Year 7/8 and 12 students have already participated in year level camps, at Lorne and Deakin University Warrnambool respectively. Our Preps are quickly adapting to the routines of school, embracing the classroom learning and making new friends. Sounds Write is well underway in all of our P – Year 4 classrooms and our Year 3 – 6 students are capably incorporating the swimming program into their busy schedule. Auditions for our Senior Campus school production, Grease, have commenced and there are many indications that 2019 is going to be another terrific year at Camperdown College!


Thank you to students and families for the effort that is being made to ensure learning can commence at the first bell each day. Coming to school on time, every day, ready for learning is a responsibility that our students take seriously and we are very proud of our strong attendance rates that underpin our students’ academic achievements. In reviewing our 2018 attendance data it was very pleasing to see that the average days absent at each campus had further decreased from 2017, and this is a pattern that should continue this year through a strong home – school partnership. We welcome the opportunity to work with families to remove barriers that impact on school attendance, and the school community's high regard for our strict attendance policy is greatly appreciated. 


Last night's Year 12 parent information session run by Elevate Education reinforced messages that our students had heard earlier in the week at their study camp. One message in particular resonated with me for its relevance to all students regardless of their stage of schooling. A year's worth of challenges (assessment tasks, homework, exams) can seem daunting and it may be difficult to find the motivation or the courage to face it in its entirety. Finding the motivation or courage to face today's challenge (this assessment task, this homework task, this exam) is a far more manageable prospect. And one by one, the challenges are tackled and success builds upon itself. 


I wish all students a very satisfying and successful year at Camperdown College, one small challenge at a time! 


Ms Cherie Kilpatrick



Thursday 7th February 2019

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