Principal's Message

It has been a privilege to hear students and staff talk about their future goals and the steps they are taking to achieve them. In many cases this has involved serious reflection and the courage to consider new opportunities and challenges. It is evident to me that within our school community there is a widespread commitment to personal growth, and also to the ongoing development of our school through collective effort.


I was deeply impressed by the thought and effort invested in applications for the Year 9 School for Student Leadership in 2019. Having applied successfully as a school and secured a Camperdown College place at the Alpine Campus in Term 2, we had the difficult task of selecting our team from a larger group of interested and suitable Year 8 students. Applicants reflected on what they expected to learn from the experience as well as what they were prepared to put in, and shared their ideas for the Community Learning Project which is a key part of the SSL experience. Congratulations to Eve Britton, Melinda Baulch, Ian Wilkinson, Declan Tickner and Ben Leonard-Pekin, and also to our first and second reserves Harrison Bennett and Sydney Bateman.


Similarly, our Senior Campus leadership applicants prepared thoroughly for the selection process, sharing their reflections and insights with their peers and a staff selection panel to build a clear picture of their readiness to take on key responsibilities in 2019. Congratulations to Olivia Henzen and Annabel Lucas who have been appointed to the Senior School Captain positions, and to Guy Faber (Sports Captain) and Charlie Tickner (Performing Arts Captain) who will make up the Senior Campus Leadership Team in 2019.


The process to appoint House Captains and the SRC executives will be completed in the coming weeks, along with the process to appoint our Year 6 Junior School Captains.


Two primary teaching appointments have recently been finalised after vacancies were advertised state-wide: Erin Bell will join our Prep – Year 2 team and Maddison Tegelhuter will join our Year 3 – 6 team. As previously advised, Marie Mutton has been appointed to the advertised Science/Physics vacancy. We are looking forward to our new teachers spending time at the school in the coming weeks, meeting students and staff.


As our front cover testifies, there have been many opportunities to appreciate and celebrate the collective efforts of our Camperdown College community this month. Our Parents & Friends are fine role models for our school values and mutual accountabilities, and our students continue to earn public recognition for excellence and achievement. Congratulations to all of our award nominees! 


Ms Cherie Kilpatrick



Thursday 29th November 2018

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