Term 3 Celebration of Learning

Celebration Assembly:

Our end of term Celebration Assembly was conducted last week by School Captains, Ruby Walsh and Selvia Suson. This was the last opportunity for the captains to lead a school assembly and for students to hear from Eliza O’Neil (Sport Captain) and Lewani Bateman (Student Voice Captain). I would like to thank the leaders for their contributions, leadership and acknowledge just how much they have blossomed in their roles over the course of the year.


It was wonderful to see many parents join our assembly and share in acknowledging student progress and achievement over the course of the year. Congratulations to the following students who received awards:

Excelling in NAPLAN Reading (Premier’s Award): Oliver Clark, Aregawi Chivell, Charlie Londregan, Isaac Coote


Learning Awards:

Ms Angus: Hannah Stevens                                 Miss Dooley: Ismaela Ford                             Mrs McPhee: Matilda Narik

Ms Adams: Bayleigh Quarrell                               Ms Eckhardt: Georgia Somerville                    Mr Rock: Levi Coote

Mr Ambrose: Nancy Leonard-Pekin                       Ms French: Oliver Clark, Aregawi Chivell         Ms Taylor: Lewani Bateman

Mr Attrill: Hamish Collins                                     Mr Geary: Isabelle Huggins                            Mr Van: Hannah Morrison

Mr Bennett: Quinn Clark                                      Ms Guthrie: Addison Shortland                       Mrs Wood: Jada Mahony

Ms Black: Charlotte Bennett                                 Miss Hood: Hannah Stevens

Mrs Brooks: Hannah Morrison                              Ms Jubb: Dain Collins

Mrs Coates: Kain Mitchell                                     Ms Magnusson: Bayleigh Quarrell

Ms Crowle: Hannah Morrison                                Mrs Maskell: Lily Van Es, Addison Shortland

Ms Date: Philippa Kempton, Lila Horspole              Ms McGuane: Gracie Pearce


Grade Point Average awards over 3.5:

Chloe Anderson, Charlotte Bennett, Taylor Bernoth, Elisha Boyd, Charlie Burnett, Quinn Clark, Dain Collins, Jada Elliot, Lola Evans, Chase Fleming, Lacey Grundmann, Reece Hester, Megan Johnson, Gracie Pearce, Max Thomson, Isabella Foster, Sophie Halliday, Grace Hinkley, Matilda Narik, Lila Horspole, Keira Johnston, Philippa Kempton, Nancy Leonard-Pekin, Parker Lewin, Saxxon Pearce, Hannah Robertson, Mercy Rothman, Jack Strauss, Aregawi Chivell, Oliver Clark, Hamish Collins, Lucinda Evans, Rory Harrison, Michael Katsaros, Tulin Meric, Brianna Shields, Dana Wood, Leilah Bateman, Harry Bateman, Thomas Bath, Corey Evans, Stella Horspole, Jada Mahony, Hannah Morrison, Georgie Oborne, Bayleigh Quarrell, Lewis Regan, Lily Van Es,


Sadie Walsh, Olivia Winsall, Callani Winsall, Elyse Cross, Charli Hewish, Isabelle Huggins, Ruby Kempton, Leyla Meric, Brianna Orr, Ebony Pearce, Riley Stephenson, Alexandra Waterfall, Perrie Winsall, Lewani Bateman, Riley Bernoth, Eliza O’Neil, Bella Podger, Hannah Stevens, Selvia Suson and Ruby Walsh.


Australian Geography Competition Awards:

Reece Hester (High Distinction), Dain Collins, Nancy Leonard-Pekin, Jack Strauss (Distinction), Vanessa Johnstone, Patrick Spokes, Brianna Shields, Callani Winsall, Thomas Bath (Credit).


Attendance Awards:

Patrick Wiseman, Megan Johnson, Elisha Boyd, Kayla Loving, Patrick Spokes, Lila Horspole, Sophie Halliday, Codie Teal, Isaac Coote, Zackary Regan, Marlie Teal, Stella Horspole, Hannah Morrison, Bayleigh Quarrell, Aaron Lewis, Leilah Bateman, Ebony Pearce, Perrie Winsall, Eliza O’Neil, Riley Bernoth and Lewani Bateman.


Maths Association of Victoria Camp Certificates: Hannah Morrison, Olivia Winsall and Callani Winsall.

Victorian Young Leaders Indonesia Virtual Pilot 2023: Oliver Clark and Aregawi Chivell.

VHAP Certificate: Reece Hester.

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