Term 1 Learning Awards @ the Senior Campus

Learning Awards:

(Mr Attrill) Nathan Hoffrichter: Showing improvement with his focus plan in HOL.

(Mr Bennett) Kona Kerr: Consistently completing all tasks to a high standard and positive attitude.

(Ms Black) Callani Winsall: Consistently working at a high standard. Including others in group activities.

(Mrs Brooks) Bailey McDonald: Persistence, excellence and a willingness to complete work to a high standard.

(Ms Crowle) Riley Kayler-Thomson: For making improvements to his work ethic and attitude.

(Mrs French) Ruby Kempton: Persistence and willingness to take on challenges in and out of class.

(Mrs Grant) Taylor Sanders: Persistence in class – consistently responding to feedback and showing great improvement.

(Mrs Irwin) Pauline Sheldrick: Persistence in class, following advice and responding to feedback to improve.

(Miss Jubb) Tayla Kavenagh: Strong work ethic in English, motivation to do well and challenge herself.

(Miss Magnusson) Joseph Gleeson: Willing to seek feedback and willingness to improve.

(Ms Mann) Olivia Winsall: Persistent and enthusiastic approach to new challenges.

(Mrs Mutton) Bailey McDonald: Persistence with all tasks always with a positive attitude.

(Miss Richardson) Jacob Brown: Recognition of areas for improvement and persistence in making these changes.

(Ms Taylor) Sarah Wright: Persistence and application in and out of class.

(Mr Van) Jaxon Baulch: Consistent focus and effort resulting in significant learning progress.

(Mrs Wood) Sarah Delwig: Not giving up, continuing to work hard to improve her understanding.

(Ms Angus) Angus Gordon: Persistence – continuing to respond to feedback.

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