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This is so we can share information with you while it is most relevant and so that we can work in partnership with families to support each student to take the next steps in their learning.

For students in Prep – Year 10, the end of semester report that will be sent home at the end of term shows the standard he or she has achieved in each area of the Victorian Curriculum. A solid black achievement dot shows your child’s level at this point in time and you can also see the progress they have made since they were last assessed in this curriculum area (generally six months ago).


Previously we have reproduced the semester’s worth of coloured progress report graphs on the end of semester report however this is no longer considered necessary. Similarly, written comments from teachers are provided through Compass at the end of each term and will not be reproduced on the end of semester report. Because we rely heavily on Compass to give you ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to reporting information, it is important that you contact the relevant campus office if you are having difficulties accessing or using your Compass account.


I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the assessment and reporting information that is available on Compass throughout the year for each student from Prep –  Year 10:

A progress report every five weeks (middle and end of each term). These are visible to you through the Reports tab. On Compass the progress report ratings are presented in a table and also as coloured bar graphs (one per subject). The progress reports contribute to a ‘grade point average’ that can be monitored over the semester. For primary students, the class teacher ratings are under the ‘general’ heading whilst specialist teacher ratings are under the headings of Science, Indonesian, PE, Art, Digital Technology and Performing Arts.


What your child is learning in each subject and how well they have achieved the success criteria.

Use the Learning Tasks tab (or Tasks tab on the mobile phone version) to see each new learning cycle. At the end of a learning cycle the teacher will report whether your child has met the success criteria and to what standard.


Samples of your child’s work along with teacher feedback.

These are attached to learning cycles under the Submissions and/or Feedback tab. This is an excellent way to see examples of your child’s work in progress and ongoing teacher feedback. Work samples will not generally be uploaded for Prep students or for primary specialist or secondary elective subjects, due to the practical nature of the learning.


At the end of each term, teachers provide a written summary of your child’s strengths and next steps demonstrated through the most recent learning cycle. Again, use the Learning Tasks tab (or Tasks tab on the mobile phone version) to see this.


There is no change to the information provided on Compass, and through end of semester reports, for senior secondary students undertaking VCE or VCAL. Again, Compass is used to provide regular, timely feedback about the student’s learning while the end of semester report is the vehicle through which his or her achievement against state-wide standards is communicated.


Please don’t hesitate to contact myself or our Assistant Principals Graeme Bennett or Vicki Angus if you have questions about reporting.


Ms Cherie Kilpatrick



Thursday 13th June 2019

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