Principal's Message

In schools there is always a great deal to celebrate, but this week has been particularly rich in opportunities of this kind!

We have been steeped in history, paying homage to the visionaries and activists who campaigned for a Higher Elementary School for Camperdown a century ago, and to the students, staff and families who have contributed to the development of our wonderful Senior Campus over the past 100 years. Some ironies have not gone unnoticed.


When crowds gathered on the Wilson Street site for the official opening on October 14th 1921, the recent memory of a global pandemic (Spanish Flu) may well have had some audience members preferring to keep their face masks close at hand. The ‘inclement weather’ that took the opening ceremony inside all those years ago has also kept us on our toes this week, but luck has been on our side and party games have been able to be played in Senior Campus school grounds recently refreshed for outdoor learning. The ‘ladies of the school committee’ who provided a dainty afternoon tea for their male counterparts and the official party 100 years ago might not have envisaged a time in the future when women would be engaged in all aspects of public life, and when the Principal, School Council President and Shire President would all be women.


Our resilient Year 12 class of 2021, while celebrating their final full week of classes, might have had cause to reflect on the evolution of state education in Victoria over the past 100 years. Every young person is now strongly encouraged and supported to complete all six years of their secondary education and the words ‘higher education’ have new meaning now, with so many young people continuing their education in tertiary settings.


Similarly, the part-time return of various year levels after another long stint of remote learning has seen most students come back to school with a greater appreciation of their ‘right’ to attend school. We are deeply grateful that this right is firmly enshrined for Victorian children today, as a result of successful campaigning so long ago for a free and secular education for all.


What a special week for Camperdown College – congratulations to all Senior Campus students and staff on a strong and successful return from remote learning just in time to enjoy the birthday celebrations! This week’s activities have been lovingly and carefully engineered by our Senior Campus Assistant Principal and proud long-standing staff member Vicki Angus and we thank her sincerely for her dedication and efforts. Thank you also to Mrs Grant and our Food Technology classes for the very special cupcakes, expertly baked to honour the occasion!

Cherie Kilpatrick, Principal
Friday 15th October 2021

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