Principal's Message

This has been particularly evident this year in the actions of our Parents & Friends volunteers. The events calendar has been rich for students but demanding for our volunteers working behind the scenes. A can do attitude means that our Parents & Friends Association cheerfully accepts a multitude of fundraising opportunities and catering requests, and so far this year this has included a welcome barbeque for our families, numerous school sport and interschool sport barbeques, the Mother's Day Breakfast and Stall, and catering for all five nights of the Camperdown Theatre Company's excellent production of Spamalot. Just around the corner is the Federal Election Day barbeque at the AG Daws Hall, and catering for our own school production of Grease!


All of this activity brings enjoyment to students and families whilst raising greatly appreciated funds for additional equipment and facilities. Our Parents & Friends members contribute their time willingly and generously, but in all cases are balancing their Parents & Friends commitments with busy working and family lives. Several Parents & Friends members have given more than ten years of service to the College, and with their youngest children heading towards the end of secondary schooling, will soon be looking to hand over the reins to a new band of volunteers. 


Their shoes are big ones to fill, but they are shoes that have seen many happy days! There is much satisfaction, collegiality and enjoyment in store for those who are ready and willing to put their hands up. Our Parents & Friends Association has received many accolades and created such a positive and vibrant culture of volunteering. Meetings are busy but good fun; caring, cooperation and consideration are core values; and our Parents & Friends are outstanding role models for our students. 


If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, please don't be shy in coming forward! Keep up to date with Parents & Friends activities through the Camperdown College Parents & Friends Facebook page, and contact President Sheree Horspole to discuss the many ways in which you can get involved. Meanwhile, sincere thanks are extended to our Parents & Friends regulars, who in turn are very appreciative of all gestures of support from our wider College community.


This week I had the pleasure of a working lunch with my new Senior Campus student focus group, comprising Beth Holmes, Ruby Walsh, Lachlan Bennett, Charlie Tickner and Zoe Wilkinson. These students will provide the school leadership team with a student perspective on matters relating to teaching and learning, to strengthen our ongoing reflection and future planning. 


Our first topic of conversation was the Pivot student to teacher feedback tool, and future topics will include building students’ skills and confidence in writing, using the Compass progress reports as feedback, creating an optimal environment for learning, and developing student friendly versions of key teaching and learning documents. I am very fortunate to have such quality student advisers and look forward to working together this year.


Ms Cherie Kilpatrick



Thursday 16th May 2019

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