Student Leadership

Students are offered a range of opportunities to develop their leadership skills at Camperdown College.



Formal leadership roles include:

  • Senior School Captains: Ebony Pearce and Riley Stephenson
  • Junior School Captains: Max Rahles-Rahbula and Reagan Webb
  • Senior Leadership Team (pictured above): Ruby Kempton, Isabelle Huggins, Riley Stephenson, Ebony Pearce, Perrie Winsall
  • Junior and Senior House Captains: Noah Boyd, Bailey Carman, Syd Walsh, Blake Evans, Lawson Clark, Vogue Fleming, Taylor Bernaldo, Tom Baker, Rory Swayn, Layla Meric, Pippa Britton, Charli Hewish
  • Senior Campus SRC: Oliver Horspole, Landon Ross, Samuel Van Den Meiracker, Charlie Unwin, Max Thomson, Chloe Anderson, Taylah Bernoth, Elish Boyd, Quinn Clark, Gracie Pearce, Mercy Rothman, Pippa Kempton, Stella Horspole, Taylor Sanders, Bayleigh Quarrell, Jada Mahony
  • Junior Campus JSC: Beau Smith (P),  Zoe Unwin (VP), Menekse Meric (T), Indiannah Shortland (S), Heidi Adams, Phoebe Rethus, Amelia Adams, Dustin Walker, Archie O'Connor, Georgie Harrison, Hamish Christensen, Adele Curell, Oliver Eagle, Knox Fleming, Layla Doherty, Ruaraidh Menzies
  • Bus Captains: 


Regular Prep-Year 6 and Year 7-12 Assemblies are conducted by the College Captains and Student Leadership Team.


Additional leadership opportunities include:

  • Year 9 School for Student Leadership
  • Lions Youth of the Year
  • Representing the College at community events such as ANZAC Day services
  • Year 6 and Year 12 Student Leader Conference

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