Employment Opportunities


Two exciting employment opportunities exist at Camperdown College commencing in 2021.


INTEGRATION AIDE (Junior Campus) - Position Number 1209515

This position is suitable for a candidate with experience in supporting children with complex needs. This is an ongoing part time position of 16 hours per week over 3-4 days during school hours. Please apply by 13/12/20


Selection Criteria

SC1 Demonstrated capacity to support children requiring special and individual assistance, including those with complex needs.

SC2 Demonstrated understanding of the principles of effective behaviour management. 

SC3 Demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional growth and the capacity to contribute positively to a team environment to achieve the best outcomes for students and the school.

SC4 Demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively, build positive relationships and maintain confidentiality.

SC5 Demonstrated capacity to respond positively and flexibly to changing circumstances. 



FOOD TECHNOLOGY ASSISTANT (Senior Campus) - Position Number 1210420

This position involves support before, during and after Food Technology classes. This is an ongoing part time position of 9.25 hours per week over 3 days, primarily during school hours. Please apply by 14/12/20


Selection Criteria

SC1    Capacity to follow directions and efficiently undertake routine support tasks to a consistently high standard within a school environment.

SC2    Demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively, build positive relationships and maintain confidentiality.

SC3    Demonstrated proficiency in food preparation and the use and care of equipment relevant to a kitchen environment.

SC4    Demonstrated commitment to occupational health and safety.

SC5    Demonstrated capacity to respond positively and flexibly to changing circumstances. 



For more details of the positions including selection criteria please refer to



Please contact Principal Cherie Kilpatrick on 5593 1617 for further information and to discuss these employment opportunities.


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